A Beacon of Hope: Chanita Williams' Commitment to Family and Community

Closing the Education Gap: The Mission of S.H.E. Training and Consulting

By Natasha Bethea Goodwin - Macaroni KID District Heights Publisher March 28, 2023

As we celebrate Women's History Month, we want to share the inspiring story of Chanita Williams, the Founder of S.H.E. Training and Consulting (STC). Chanita's passion for education and family support services motivated her to establish STC, an organization dedicated to closing the educational gap and providing tutorial services and academic enrichment programs for K-12 students. STC also provides training workshops for parents, teachers, and tutors, with the goal of partnering alongside educational institutions, parents, and teachers to support areas of enrichment, improve benchmarks, and facilitate engaging learning opportunities.

14 years ago, Chanita embarked on an incredible journey to homeschool her three children. Despite her passion for education and determination to provide the best possible learning environment, she struggled to find the guidance and mentorship she needed in the homeschooling community. But instead of giving up, Chanita drew inspiration from her experience to create SHE Training, a supportive and comprehensive resource for new and veteran parents seeking alternative education. Since its founding in 2017, STC has impacted the lives of countless students and families, providing invaluable social emotional learning, etiquette training, academic enrichment, and homeschool portfolio preparation. 

Chanita has achieved remarkable success through her tireless work in education programs and services. Over the years, she has helped hundreds of students and families achieve their educational and developmental needs. In addition, Chanita launched her Growing Girls initiative, which empowers young girls to develop crucial life skills such as self-esteem, character, confidence, integrity, values, and healthy relationships. Last Spring, Chanita organized an unforgettable mother-daughter tea event, and her dining etiquette experience at Maggiano’s last fall was a huge success. Through her dedication and unwavering commitment, Chanita has truly made a difference in the lives of countless families and young people.

Chanita's entrepreneurial spirit knows no bounds as she sets her sights on obtaining county business certifications and becoming a certified vendor with the Prince George's County office of Procurements/Contracts this year. As a trailblazer for women in business, Chanita shares her pearls of wisdom for those embarking on their own entrepreneurial journey. She stresses the importance of finding a supportive business training group and allocating funds for marketing. Most importantly, she highlights the significance of transitioning from a solopreneur to a thriving business owner by actively seeking opportunities for growth. Chanita's inspiring words serve as a beacon of hope and guidance for aspiring female entrepreneurs everywhere.

Chanita's commitment to bettering the lives of families and students is truly remarkable, and her influence on the community will only continue to expand in the future. If you're seeking support for your family's educational or developmental needs, don't hesitate to contact STC via their direct line or website. Additionally, by subscribing to their email list, you'll be the first to know about upcoming activities, classes, and events that will empower and enrich the lives of your loved ones. 

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